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Fried, Baked, Boiled or Raw,

We Have it All!

Family owned, we are where locals on Cape Cod and satisfied customers worldwide find the very best seafood. If it isn’t the very best, the very freshest, we don’t offer it. Why compromise?










After moving here permanently in 1978, Cap’n Dick started with a canteen truck and a lot of hard work. Eventually, he expanded to include a deli serving breakfast and lunch at the original Kenyon’s Corner. In 1984, after serving Falmouth (literally) in the capacities of Dick’s Friendly Canteen and Dick’s Friendly Deli, he sold it all to open Green Pond Fish ‘n Gear at the corner of the Green Pond Bridge. With the bridge being torn down in 1995, his lease expiring and his son recently returned from Desert Storm, Cap’n Dick decided to move the business next to Family Foods. Eventually, Cap’n Bob took the reins and Cap’n Dick retired from Falmouth’s oldest fish market.

Now another chapter has started as Cap’n Bob has returned to Kenyon’s Corner and has reopened as Green Pond Fish Market. Eliminating fishing tackle from the arsenal was a difficult decision, but it has enabled Bob to focus all of his attention to ensure the highest quality fish. The new name reflects that focus.

Enjoy what truly great fish is supposed to taste like.

We are dog friendly!  Meet Jazz our family pet.

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